Mobile Forensic Tools and Service

The following mobile forensic tools are available.


1.  USB memory reader

One can extract data directly from USB connector of the mobile phone

2.  JTAG Memory reader

Most of the mobile phone has a JTAG connector and one can extract data from the JTAG connector

(1)   Direct control of CPU chip

(2)   Detailed pin map of different smart phone model

(3)   Acquire deleted file


JTAG memory reader

[picture JTAG memory reader]


3   EMMC Memory reader

If an access from USB memory reader or JTAB memory connect are not available, one have to remove a memory chip from the PCBA and read directly from the memory

(1)   Extract data from bad memory block

(2)   Easy reballing operation



eMMC memory reader

[picture EMMC memory reader]


4.  JTAG auto finder

JTAG connector diagram could not be easily obtained and JTAG auto finder devices find right connection of the JTAG.

(1)   Support various model

(2)   Auto detect VCC and reset port


[picture JTAG auto detector]


If you wish to purchase this knowhow and product, it would cost around USD150,000.

For single recovery service, we charge around USD500 include shipping and handling fees. We would charge USD100 for failed recovery on order from the outside of Korea.

Please download the following application form,.